BIOS 122 (Rice University)

   Viruses (lecture 1, lecture 2)






2007   Protein Therapeutics: Assessment and Impact of Immunogenicity on Study Design and  Interpretation, Continuing Education Course (PM12), Society of Toxicology, Charlotte, NC, March 25th-29th.

              Genomics: From Novice to Expert, From Challenges to Promises, Continuing Education Course, (AM03/PM09), Society of Toxicology, Charlotte, NC, March 25th-29th.

Translational Optical Molecular Imaging: Nano to Macro Short Course,
May 21st-23rd
, Rice University, Houston, TX.

2006      NMR Data Collection and Analysis for Biological Structure Determination- NMRFAM Workshop, (Department Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison).

2004       Advanced NMR Course and Practical X-ray Crystallography Course (Rice University)

2003       Biomolecular NMR Workshop, Huntsville, University of Alabama, AL, May 1st-2nd.

2001    Immunodetection of Proteins-Workshop, DNA-Gdansk, Department of Microbiology, Poland University of Gdansk, Poland, September 27th-28th.