Bioconjugate chemistry and pharmacology of cancer-specific biomolecules and drug delivery systems used for imaging and therapy.
•    Design of bioconjugates targeting metabolic pathways in cancer cells;
•    Development of bivalent agents for image guided therapy of metastatic melanoma;
•    Application of modified nanoprobes (carbon nanotubes)   for  detection  and  therapy  of  cancer;
•    Development of probes targeting Hedgehog signaling pathway in breast cancer stem cells;
•    Synthesis of new macrocyclic chelating agents (DO2A, NOTA-type) and their application for the solid phase approach;
•    Radiochemistry and radiopharmacy of isotope-labeled agents;
•    Radiolabeling of clinical doses using automated radiosynthesizers;

Pharmaceutical and clinical experience
•    Kit formulation of new clinical pharmaceuticals ( PSMA, DOTATOC, DOTATATE);

•    Targeted alpha-emitter therapy using Pb212-labeled agents

•   Preparation of exploratory-IND and IND applications (phase I/II) for diagnostic and therapeutic agents;
•    Clinical dose preparation of  68Ga-, 177Lu and Pb203/Pb212-labeled of DOTATATE/DOTATOC/PSMA for reseacrh and clinical studies;
•    Design and evaluation of the module for automated radiolabeling of  tracers (SmartMedix);


Synthesis of modified nucleosides and oligomers and the structural studies of tRNAs
•    Synthesis of  P-F and P-CF3 modified dinucleotides  using  phosphoramidite  approach;
•    Design of fluoro-modified phosphitylating agents P(III) and novel activators for synthesis of oligonucleotides on solid phase;
•    Synthesis of dinucleosidyl methylphosphonates and their 3’-S-phosphorothioates;
•    Structural studies of the tRNAPhe and its complexes with enzymes  using NMR;
•    Effect of base modifications (ψ32, ψ39, iA37)  on structure and dynamic of tRNAs