Izabela Tworowska  Ph.D., M.S.Pharm.



Compositions and methods for  the preparation of  kidney protective agents comprising amifostine  and amino acids   US Provisional Application  No 61/836,561

E. S. Delpassand, I. Tworowska, S. Thamake, D. Ranganathan

               Compositions, methods of synthesis and use of chelator-based monosccharide agents  GRANTED International Pub No PCT/US12/43255, 2010

               I. Tworowska, J. Sims-Mourtada, E.S. Delpassand

               Nanostructures comprising radiositopes and/or metals US Application No PCT/US2011/049119

               I. Tworowska (RadioMedix Inc), Y. Mackeyev, L. Wilson (Rice University)

               Compositions for Targeted Imaging and Therapy  GRANTED  US200858476, International Pub. No. WO/2008/119036)

               E.S. Delpassand, A. Azhdarinia, I. Tworowska, J. Sims-Mourtada 

               Radiolabeled Hedgehog derivatives for imaging and therapy  U.S. Application No. PCT/US09/35489, International Pub. No. WO/2009/108868),  

              J. Sims-Mourtada, A. Azhdarinia, I. Tworowska,  H. Saso  

  • J. Michalski, W. Dabkowski and I. Tworowska, Phosphorus and Life Chemistry, Yufen Zhao (Ed.), 2005; Chapter 11, New Chemistry and Stereochemistry of Organophosphorus Compounds Directed Towards Biology, p. 233-255

Papers and abstracts
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